We recognise that WFM is just one (albeit crucial) part of a much wider ecosystem. Through our carefully chosen global partner network, U-Source is therefore able to offer a full suite of integrated or stand-alone customer management solutions and services. These include award-winning cloud-based, premise and hybrid multi-/omni-channel inbound and outbound contact centre, telephony and associated platforms covering, but not limited to:

  • ACD
  • PBX
  • (Ofcom- & DMA-compliant) Dialler
  • Webchat
  • Social
  • SMS
  • mail/email
  • video
  • IVR
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Speech & text analytics
  • Knowledge-base
  • Automated survey tools
  • Lines & minutes
  • Customer Feedback

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Where preferred, contract and support is available from a single ‘prime’ provider. As with U-WFM, most solutions are available on a completely flexible and scalable (up and down) basis to dynamically match your needs at any given time. This approach is both highly cost-effective and affords clients complete peace of mind as, in order to keep your business, we have to ensure we always deliver against your expectations!

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of the above.