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Next Generation of Cloud WFM for Contact Centres

Matt Hughes 18-Oct-2018 07:00:20
Matt Hughes


U-WFM is pleased to announce the availability of its next generation cloud workforce management software for all Contact Centres.


Bringing Competitive Advantage for all Contact Centres

U-WFM believes there is an easier way to deploy Workforce Management and make it accessible, affordable and available to all contact centres, regardless of size.  Designed as an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, U-WFM provides the proven benefits of automated forecasting and scheduling for the entire contact centre workforce. 


The Next Generation of Easy to Use Workforce Management in the Cloud

U-WFM offers their Workforce Management platform as a 100% cloud, OPEX based solution with zero capital outlay and technology hassle. This allows customers to immediately become more effective, efficient and economic on a pay-as-you-go basis, but still benefit from a premium Workforce Management solution. 

As one of the first cloud providers of WFM solutions, U-WFM’s flexible service models allow customers to unlock a real competitive edge by having access to the latest Workforce Management software and experts, straight to the heart of their operations. This has enabled many centres to deliver the optimal service and customer experience which previously they would have been unlikely to budget for or achieve.  U-WFM delivers the solution directly to where it is needed, expects only to be paid for what customers use, and when they use it.


The U-WFM Difference

  • Uniquely, there are no exclusions to the capabilities of the U-WFM solution, with customers gaining full access to the complete U-WFM cloud suite. U-WFM’s mantra being that all customers benefit, all of the time. 
  • Unlike competitors, in the standard “most popular” option U-WFM delivers in-person training and a welcome workshop at no additional cost. The focus being on customers’ success.
  • U-WFM offers 3 customer packages, all customisable, but offered at the same single transparent price for full access to the system and its features.   

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Ready to see the next generation of Cloud WFM?

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