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Was Your Contact Centre a Juggling Act last Christmas?

Matt Hughes 08-Jan-2020 11:19:53
Matt Hughes


Had enough of Christmas? Well here’s one last gift for you that is sure to make your phones jingle with joy.Contact centres need seasonal workforce management

The Christmas rush

Did your contact centre face a crazy peak in demand in the run up to Christmas? I hope you were prepared. If not, instead of honing those juggling skills, how about using strategic planning to avoid the crush this year and take away the circus act. Prepare for the peak season with the help of a workforce management system that will help you optimally structure your staffing.

How seasonal workforce planning can help

A WFM system can help you with seasonal workforce planning through Forecasting, Scheduling and Real-Time monitoring.  With improved resource planning, you would know for sure if it is a good idea to hire more staff over the festive period. The investment could prove very profitable to you in the long term. Customers will get a better service because your staff will provide a better service as they are not overstretched.

Benefits of being organised

Many of us bemoan how early Christmas appears in the shops with all the tinsel and yule logs but planning ahead in business can never come too early. It is an opportunity for growth and improved corporate image. And if you are currently experiencing a “lull” in January, why not put that time to good use and explore the advantages of a workforce management system.

U-WFM for seasonal workforce planning

Being organised made simple

Excellent organisation is the basis of a company's success. It is what allows each company to deliver value to its customers every day. Because you are so busy with the day-to-day running of your company, the actual “organisation” of it ends up being managed mainly through “common sense”. Rather risky.

An optimally organised company ensures that all its resources (people, materials, tools) are coordinated with each other (processes) in order to direct their results (outputs) towards the company's objectives.

To achieve this requires the following factors for success:

  • the correct sizing of resources (number of personnel, equipment, etc.);
  • coordination between resources;
  • process management;
  • standardisation of all flows (information, people);
  • workload management;
  • seasonal workforce planning;
  • performance control (measurement, incentive, feedback);
  • communication and reporting systems;
  • continuous improvement processes

All these factors need to be continuously monitored and reviewed as a business is a forever evolving entity. Do you have time for this? U-WFM does.

How U-WFM can help you

A cloud-based Workforce Management solution from U-WFM will support the dynamics of your company, making sure demand is met at peak times and helping you plan your workforce for other seasonal shifts – after all at U-WFM, our customers, like yours, are not just for Christmas!

U-WFM solutions will help you help your customers in the right way, at the right time and for the right price, responding to requests at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.

Being organised is therefore at the heart of your company’s service. Don’t leave it to chance. Give yourself an early Christmas treat for 2020 and get organised.

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