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American Logistics Firmly in the Driving Seat with U-WFM Cloud-based Platform

Matt Hughes 20-Jan-2020 11:58:26


London, 20 January 2020: U-WFM is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with transportation company American Logistics – another perfect match made on the Twilio developer platform for communications.

U-WFM provides American Logistics with the next generation Cloud Workforce Management for Contact Centres that focuses on driving improved outcomes leveraging their most important and valuable asset: employees.

American Logisticssignature tagline: “Powered by Tech, Driven by People,” beautifully encapsulates the value proposition of both companies. The US-based transportation company embraces innovative technology, harnessing its benefits to make the journey for end customers as efficient and easy to access as possible. It’s imperative that American Logistics’ state-of-the-art operation centres’ personnel are constantly supplied with accurate and timely information.

This is where U-WFM comes in; U-WFM’s cloud workforce management platform helps American Logistics ensure optimal coverage on the phones to respond to customer requests, and timely service to ensure reliable and professional transportation.

We conducted an extensive search for a software platform to support our contact centre scheduling and call performance measures,” said Michael McAlpin, Chief Technology Officer for American Logistics. “U-WFM not only solved these needs but has empowered our agents with the ability to see and manage their schedules. We have seen great business value gained through efficiencies as well as the ability to measure and manage our contact centre performance and call metrics.” 

Offices at American Logistics

U-WFM’s CEO Matthew Hughes welcomes the challenge of working with such a fast-paced company that continues to grow and deliver a high-quality service. “I’d like to thank American Logistics for the faith they have placed in us and look forward to a rewarding collaboration.”


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Ten Warning Signs That You Need an Automated Workforce Management Solution

Matt Hughes 16-Apr-2019 12:31:09




Outgrown your 


Workforce          Management?

10 Contact Centre Warning Signs that it's time for Automation...>> 


Photo of Lola courtesy of @lola_chaz_anya_sandy


Part 1 of our blog series on justifying the case for Workforce Management focuses on the 10 telltale signs your contact centre is crying out for automation.

Is it time for your contact centre to make the move from spreadsheets or manual methods of forecasting and scheduling to an automated workforce management (wfm) application? Is your contact centre suffering from any of the below?


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U-WFM partners with Twilio

Matt Hughes 06-Dec-2018 07:00:12

Introducing our easy-to-use, Workforce Management in the Cloud to Twilio Flex - the first fully-programmable Contact Center Platform


Twilio Logo Red





Twilio Flex is a cloud-based contact center platform that's infinitely flexible and instantly deployable.  Flex delivers what you need to run a contact center out-of-the-box, allowing centers to deploy and customize discrete components to match exact business needs without deciding between build or buy.


At U-WFM we believe there is an easier way to deploy Workforce Management and make it accessible to all contact centers, regardless of size, aligning us perfectly with Twilio's infinitely flexible ethos. As one of the first cloud providers of WFM solutions we offer our Workforce Management platform as a 100% integrated cloud solution in Twilio Flex.


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Flex customers will quickly be able to navigate our easy-to-use, yet powerful Workforce Management Suite in the Cloud.


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Complete the short form below, for a 30-day free trial of U-WFM from within your Twilio Flex platform.  Unlike our competitors, in-person training and a welcome workshop are both included in our standard package.




U-WFM partners with Key IVR to deliver secure payment solutions to the contact centre

Matt Hughes 27-Nov-2018 11:03:29


U-WFM is pleased to announce its partnership with Key IVR, a provider of high-quality payment processing systems for contact centres.


Key IVR’s Agent Assisted Payments platform is helping contact centres reduce their costs of PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance. Key IVR understands that processing card payments can be challenging and provides PCI compliant solutions that de-scope sensitive cardholder data from the business as well as the contact centre.


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Steve Richardson-Frankton, Enterprise Sales Manager at Key IVR said, “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with U-WFM as both organisations have a combined ambition of providing the best technology solutions for contact centres. We’re looking forward to what the partnership will bring, presenting the market with an offering that will give them the competitive edge.”


For more information about Key IVR, visit their website: 


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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -  But can it be applied to Workforce Management?

Matt Hughes 21-Nov-2018 13:35:40


An Insightful Event courtesy of the UK Contact Centre Forum (UKCCF)


Leonardo da Vinci is often referred to as a genius and reputed to have wisely stated that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  And yet 500 years later, with a wealth of technological advancements and experience, the modern-day telephony sector is still more complex than users would like. You don’t have to take my word for it...


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Next Generation of Cloud WFM for Contact Centres

Matt Hughes 18-Oct-2018 07:00:20


U-WFM is pleased to announce the availability of its next generation cloud workforce management software for all Contact Centres.


Bringing Competitive Advantage for all Contact Centres

U-WFM believes there is an easier way to deploy Workforce Management and make it accessible, affordable and available to all contact centres, regardless of size.  Designed as an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, U-WFM provides the proven benefits of automated forecasting and scheduling for the entire contact centre workforce. 


The Next Generation of Easy to Use Workforce Management in the Cloud

U-WFM offers their Workforce Management platform as a 100% cloud, OPEX based solution with zero capital outlay and technology hassle. This allows customers to immediately become more effective, efficient and economic on a pay-as-you-go basis, but still benefit from a premium Workforce Management solution. 

As one of the first cloud providers of WFM solutions, U-WFM’s flexible service models allow customers to unlock a real competitive edge by having access to the latest Workforce Management software and experts, straight to the heart of their operations. This has enabled many centres to deliver the optimal service and customer experience which previously they would have been unlikely to budget for or achieve.  U-WFM delivers the solution directly to where it is needed, expects only to be paid for what customers use, and when they use it.


The U-WFM Difference

  • Uniquely, there are no exclusions to the capabilities of the U-WFM solution, with customers gaining full access to the complete U-WFM cloud suite. U-WFM’s mantra being that all customers benefit, all of the time. 
  • Unlike competitors, in the standard “most popular” option U-WFM delivers in-person training and a welcome workshop at no additional cost. The focus being on customers’ success.
  • U-WFM offers 3 customer packages, all customisable, but offered at the same single transparent price for full access to the system and its features.   

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What is WFM?

Christine Chapman 30-Apr-2018 13:01:36



WFM stands for Workforce Management, but what does that mean? In a nutshell, it’s the job of getting the right agents, with the right skill in the right place at the right time. Workforce Optimisation is another term, which just takes the planning of your resources (staff) to another level, but in essence it is all Resource Planning.



If you are asking the question, then you are probably working in a call centre that hasn’t invested six figure sums in purchasing software to forecast how many calls are going to arrive each 15-minute interval of every day, automatically schedule flexible shifts for agents to work to meet demand, and track what those agents are doing during their shift. That said, you are probably doing all these tasks in some shape or form, but perhaps it is time for you to take a breath and think about how you approach the job of Resource Planning, and whether, before long, you may benefit from acquiring a cloud-based solution to make the job easier, such as U-WFM.

Continual process of Workforce Management

What is WFM

The WFM function can initially be divided into 3 functions:

  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Real-Time

It is the glue that binds together the 3 main perspectives of call centre management:

  • the customer
  • the staff
  • the bottom line

Good resource planning will ensure that there are enough agents on the phone to deliver a good customer experience. This in turn balances the workload of the agents, so they should neither be too quiet or too busy. The result being an efficient operation, with costs managed effectively, good customer retention/satisfaction and a happy workforce.

It is often said that WFM is both an art and a science, mathematics and algorithms play a major part in a sophisticated forecasting model, but without the common sense and business knowledge of someone who understands your company and how it operates, this will fall short of the accuracy you need to run an efficient call centre. The human element is as important as fancy footwork in Excel or WFM software, and that is where the art comes into it.

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