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Take Our Workforce Management System for A Test Drive

Tim Wharfe 03-Feb-2020 09:26:27

Having an effective WFM system in your contact centre can make all the difference to your bottom line and your workforce attendance. Don't just take our word for it, try a FREE DEMO and see for yourself.


Future-oriented u-wfm solutions for an easier life

Charismatic car salesmen make a lot of claims just to get you to buy a car, when really it's all about getting their commission. We make a lot of claims too (see below), the difference is, we can back them up with hard data and case studies - plus we don't work on commission, our affordable system works off a true SaaS, pay-as-you-use model.

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But I'm doing alright with my spreadsheets

You may be happy in your comfort zone of spreadsheets, but how much of your time are these antiquated systems eating up?

A wfm system is far more efficient than spreadsheets

Are you spending hours updating spreadsheets? Do you think you don't have time to learn a new system or train your staff? Maybe you can't see the signs that your contact centre is not as efficient as it could be. Think about growth instead. Can your current system cope if you were to expand? Is your current system preventing you from expanding? U-WFM solutions help to lift the load and give you so many benefits in return:

Benefits of successful Workforce Management:

  • Improved customer service levels without higher operating costs 
  • Increased revenues through decreased abandonment and lower hold times
  • Improve productivity and morale of employees 
  • Increased consistency and quality of customer service
  • More time for what’s really important

GET MY FREE DEMOAn MOT for your contact centre

Even though you may feel your business is on the right track, you may not be seeing the trends or real figures because you are too busy working  IN your business instead of ON your business. Installing a WFM system is like a preventative measure for tackling absenteeism, and other counterproductive trends that may be eating away at your bottom line. Unlike machinery, people are individuals and sometimes it can be difficult to manage them, especially for small businesses. Our  wfm system makes it easier for contact centres to evaluate  the performance of each individual employee using powerful forecasting, scheduling and monitoring through real-time adherence.

Features of our U-WFM suite:

  • Highly Intuitive and Easy to Use Solution – reducing customer investment in continuous knowledge transfer, initial training and consultancy
  • Fast, Accurate Forecasting – reclaim hours every day with our multi-skill forecasting tool, which will have you creating, editing and finalising demand for your contact centre in no time
  • Optimised Scheduling – schedule your agents, based on agent rules and skills, to be in the right place to deliver the best service level for your customers
  • Training – unlike competitors, our standard “most popular” option delivers in-person training and a welcome workshop at no additional cost. The focus being on customers’ success
  • 100% Cloud-based Platform – customers only pay for what they use on a SaaS basis and software is always up-to-date with no ongoing upgrade support or maintenance costs

U-WFM's suite is a cloud-based solution that takes automated workforce management to a whole new level as your data is safely stored in the cloud. This means you can monitor your contact centre's performance from anywhere, at any time. Our easy-to-use, innovative solution suite is designed and built by a UK team of passionate Workforce Management professionals – just like so many great cars! Take it for a FREE spin and see the benefits for yourself!



Agent Adherence, Even Easier !!

Tim Wharfe 01-Oct-2019 16:28:56

Adherence History v1-1

Here at U-WFM we continuously strive to make every part of our application as easy-to-use as possible. So we've done it again! We've taken one of our most popular screens and made it even simpler to use. Multi select approval and powerful filtering, to name just two of the new features.


“Multi selecting out of adherence events is brilliant and a feature I hadn't thought of but makes life so much easier.”  Josh Kirkbride, Resource Planner at Simply Business



Real-Time Adherence...To authorise or not to authorise?

Tim Wharfe 29-Aug-2019 10:30:25


What is Real-Time Adherence (RTA)?

Put simply, RTA is the constant and automated comparison between what an agent is scheduled to do and what they actually do.  The result of this is a percentage score.

RTA - To authorise or not to authoriseRTA makes visible if the agent went for lunch, breaks, meetings or any other activity at the time they were supposed to. 

If they don’t then the time outside of the scheduled time is counted as OOA (Out of Adherence).

E.g. Agent A gets a score of 93%. So, 7% of Agent A’s scheduled time was not adhered to (OOA).


Tolerance in RTA

Most Workforce Management solutions will allow a ‘tolerance’ for specified activities that have been scheduled.  For example, setting a 2-minute tolerance will not count the agent as being non-adherent for 2 minutes on either side of a scheduled activity.

Whereas this can sound like a good thing to do from the agent’s perspective, for a Workforce Management professional, it’s covering up the fact that the agent did not adhere to their schedule during specific times.


Authorisation in RTA

Within most RTA solutions, it is also possible to authorise instances of OOA.  Any time that that has been authorised will be added to the calculation and therefore will boost the score of the agent.

In some cases this can be justified.  What if an agent was scheduled for a meeting to start at 11:00 but the agent’s manager doesn’t collect the agent until 11:10?  Authorising the 10 minutes before, and therefore the 10 minutes at the end seems like the right thing to do.


Problem & Solution

Tolerances and authorisation cause problems for Workforce Management professionals.  The reason is this – it’s a lie.

By introducing tolerances and authorisation it makes possible for the contact centre to appear to have performed better than it actually did.

The solution to this is to make available 3 different calculations for users to view depending on their role in the contact centre.


In U-WFM, we offer 3 adherence calculations:


Straight – Did the agent adhere or not?  No tolerance or authorisation time is included.  This would typically be viewed by Workforce Management Professionals and possibly upper management.

Tolerance – Includes any tolerance allowances, but no authorised time.  Viewed by various levels of management.

Score – Includes any tolerances and authorised time.  Viewed by agents and the direct manager of the agents.


In the below example, the agent has a straight score of 7.56%, including tolerances 9.24% and when any authorisations are added, 89.92%.  With this example it's easy to see that the agent had an activity for a large portion of their day which has been authorised. 


Adherence Calculations


This can be cross referenced with a historical adherence view.  Below we can see that a period of time (in green) between 07:00-08:37 has been authorised.


Adherence History


Utilising these 3 calculations means that it’s possible for users of U-WFM to view information that is relevant to them, regardless of what their role is within the business.


RTA remains an essential contact centre reporting tool, if not sometimes underrated.  In a sea of contact centre metrics RTA is one of the few that agents can have a direct impact on – and also provides Workforce Management professionals on-demand feedback on performance trends, potential problems and future operational goals.

In short, get it right and it can have a significant impact to your contact centre performance.


To speak to us about RTA or any other aspect of Workforce Management, please click here to contact us and/or schedule a demo...