Managed Service

As with other tools, any WFM platform is only as good as the people who are controlling it: The Resource Planners.

Uniquely, U-Source is therefore able to offer a Managed Service overlay for WFM.  This is offered as:

  • an optional value-added service to U-Source’s own U-WFM platform
  • an agnostic overlay using/supporting other WFM platforms.

In both instances, our Managed Service is provided by U-Source’s expert Resource Planners who have years of experience in this specialist field working across all scales of operation and most market sectors.

Managed Service

When deployed in conjunction with U-WFM, the Managed Service expedites delivery and reduces to a minimum any impact on a client’s own in-house resources.  In turn, this ensures that the solution delivers rapid ROI and optimised performance at all times.  Clients may choose to benefit from the service on an on-going basis or until such time as they might wish to bring the Resource Planning function back in-house.

However, where clients already have a WFM platform (and do not wish to move from this), U-Source is ideally placed to provide its Resource Planning expertise as an agnostic service overlay.  This can be particularly helpful where in-house resource is stretched or, indeed, no longer exists.  It is a sad truth that most WFM platforms are not maintained at an optimum level for want of time and expertise – and this is not limited to small-scale operations!  U-Source’s Managed Service may be used to augment or replace a client’s own capabilities for a fixed term or on an on-going basis, as required.