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Workforce Management. Reinvented

U-WFM provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform which can provide forecasting and scheduling for your entire contact centre workforce.  It has established real-time and historic connectors to your Contact Centre Platform and can provide several additional functions designed to increase agent retention and reduce administrative overheads.

Our intuitive interface makes the platform perfect for end users utilising workforce management software for the first time and will also be familiar to seasoned professionals.  100% cloud based the solution runs entirely through a web browser.  This low impact set-up makes the platform perfect for companies seeking a quick turnaround in staff performance and costs.

There are no exclusions to the U-WFM solution, we believe in delivering all the benefits to our customers, all of the time.



Our multi-skill forecasting tool will have you creating, editing and finalising demand for your contact centre in no time.

Forecasting in contact centres can be a long and challenging task when working solely with Excel spreadsheets, especially in today’s multi-skill, omnichannel world.  U-WFM's intuitive solution design makes this process straightforward for both first time analysts and established resource professionals.

The multi-skill, multi-media forecasting tool will help you handle typical contact centre related challenges such as public holidays, seasonality and non-typical peaks and troughs.  All forecasts can be edited through interactive graphs including wholesale adjustments in response to particularly busy or quiet periods.

By using historical information easily uploaded from an Excel spreadsheet, or through direct integration with your ACD, forecasting trends in arrival patterns is easy.  Create forecasts for up to 10 weeks at a time.  All forecasts can be exported directly to MS Excel allowing custom reports to be made with ease.

  • Visualise customer trends
  • Drag and drop smoothing
  • Mass adjustments
  • Forecast combined or individual queues
  • Create multiple forecast instances to allow what-if analysis and highlight which best forecast to use for your schedule
  • Forecasts can be exported directly to Excel allowing easy custom-made reports
Dashboard - Forecast
Scheduling Screen


Our super fast scheduler not only provides instant optimised schedules, it also allows you to make real-time changes, so your centre can boost service levels to cope with sudden changes in available employees.

At U-WFM, we understand the challenges of running an efficient and profitable contact centre.  You need to match complex customer demand with the skills of your agents. Typically, you will have a mix of fixed and flexible agents some multi-skilled and requiring lunches, breaks, meeting time and, importantly, sensible shift patterns.

Our simple, yet powerful technology provides a multi-skill, multi-media scheduling system which gives you full control.  It includes rotational shifts along with outstanding agent optimisation as standard.  As part of Intraday Management you can drag and drop any part of an agent’s shift or add activities at any time.  As all activities can be locked or unlocked, you can re-schedule around added activities meaning the schedule remains optimal.

Setting up working rules for agents is easy and shown graphically and removes any frustrating guesswork in the shift building process.

Real-Time Adherence (RTA)

Gain insight into agent performance to support real-time decision making.

U-WFM features a powerful Real-Time Adherence module for monitoring individual agent performance.

Each agent’s real-time status is graphically displayed, showing what the agent is doing versus what they should be doing and highlighting any differences.  Supervisors can easily see at a glance how their teams are performing and immediately identify good and poor agent behaviour.  This allows any needed action to be taken real-time and ensures customer service levels continue to be met.

However, supervisors also have the flexibility to authorise ‘Out of Adherence’ instances where appropriate and thereby avoid penalising agents unnecessarily and/or skewing performance data.  A percentage score is given which enables supervisors to compare team members’ performance. 

RTA is an essential contact centre reporting tool, providing on-demand feedback on performance trends, potential problems and future operational goals.

Real-Time Adherence
Holiday Booking 2019 (TOM)

Time-Off Management (TOM)

Agents can request time off in just a few clicks.

U-WFM has a comprehensive time-off management system that simply requires a few clicks to authorise or decline requests. There is also an option to auto-approve or auto-decline time-off requests based on user-specified criteria.

Time-off allowances can be readily imported from Excel and agents are allowed to request holidays directly through the Agent Portal.  If accepted, holidays are automatically added into the scheduling process.

Absence can be added to the schedule in advance or in real-time, meaning that you can see the effect on staffing and Service Levels as and when agents notify you of sickness.



Access and make changes to your schedules anytime, anywhere.

Client Portal

With a browser based online control panel, administrators can log on work from anywhere, and with Apps for convenience, managing your workforce couldn't be easier. 

The client portal is the window to the Contact Centre Administrator or Resource Planning side of the system.  As it runs using only a web browser, it can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Using the Client Portal will drastically reduce the amount of time an administrator spends forecasting and scheduling.  So much so, that the cost of our WFM software can pay for itself just on administrator costs alone, before any savings are made through optimised schedules.

Agent Portal

Agents can view their schedules, book holiday and request a shift-swap at any time, from work or home.

Updated in real-time, agents can access U-WFM from anywhere with an internet connection using any web browser, including mobile devices.  Agents may view all the information they need regarding their shifts, activities and holidays.

The shift building process is simple and our scheduling algorithm offers powerful optimisation of every schedule. Making manual changes to the schedule will show the effect that it will have on Service Level for both the day and the week, helping the real-time decision making process for ad-hoc planning.

Rules-based shift-swapping is also available.  Team Leaders can have access to the Agent Portal so they can manage their team, seeing all their shifts, holidays and sickness all in one place and in real-time.

Client & Agent Portal


Access your performance for continuous improvement

Standard Reports

To help you continuously improve your contact centre’s performance, U-WFM has a comprehensive series of standard web based reports.  These are included in the solution and can be exported to csv, including: 

  • Performance Summary – comparisons of forecasts and predicted performance to actual results for contact volumes, handling times, service levels and staffing
  • Shift & Activity Summary – analyse utilisation at group and individual level.  Report includes summaries regarding how employees are deployed
  • Adherence – obtain information specifically related to agent adherence to schedules and summary of information regarding, absence, holiday, meetings and more

Custom Reports

Our custom reports allow customers to access and extract all U-WFM reporting data, for creation of bespoke reports in other reporting or Business Intelligence (BI) systems. The reporting data available is comprehensive and easy to access and understand.  Further training on building custom reports is available from U-WFM as a professional services delivery.



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