The Call Centre Client Portal

Traditional Workforce Management systems are highly complex pieces of software that can take years to fully master. U-WFM has been built to be familiar and intuitive to both experienced and first time users of Workforce Management software.

The client portal is the window to the Call Centre Administrators or Staff Resource Planners side of the system. As it runs using only a web browser, it can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection. There are no purchase costs. Simply sign up to the free trial and use the system immediately.

The system was built on years of experience working in real call centres, not software development offices by people who have never worked in a real world call centre, therefore U-WFM will compliment your current working methods, not dictate how you should work in a perfect software developers world.

Using the Client Portal will drastically reduce the amount of time that an administrator spends forecasting and scheduling. So much so, that the cost of our WFM software can pay for itself just on administrator costs alone, before any savings are made through optimised schedules. The shift building process is simple and our scheduling algorithm offers powerful optimisation on every schedule. Making manual changes on the schedule will show the effect that it will have on service level for both the day and the week, helping in the real time decision making process for ad-hoc planning.

You can import and export easily from MS Excel, which means that many of your current processes can stay the same, including any reporting that is already established.

Please see our video on the Client Portal for a brief demonstration of the features in U-WFM.